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The Dining Room Murder Mysteries

An interactive evening of laughter and audience participation with Inspector Spector. This original series of plays features super-sleuth Inspector Spector, who has a weakness for fine food. He only dines in the best-known restaurants, but each time he does, a murder takes place. Chefs and restauranteurs tremble when he comes to town. With each episode in the series, the characters interact with the audience during intermission (and before the show, if desired) to involve guests in solving the mystery. Audience members can choose to be part of the show. Prizes are awarded to add to the fun!

The Dinner Death Test

Inspector Spector is eager to break his unlucky restaurant streak. He agrees to take part in a Dinner Death Test, hosted by top anchorwoman, Betty Waters. Her live TV broadcast from the swanky La Panache Restaurant will put Inspector Spector on the spot. he enlists help from top officials from Scotland Yard and the Los Angeles Police Department. He even brings in a famous psychic to help break the curse. Will his luck change on live TV?

The Mystery of the Antique Chalice

Concerned about his reputation and safety, Inspector Spector has opened his own Inn in Connecticut, complete with a gourmet restaurant. He has invited all those who attended the Dinner Death Test to come to his grand opening. Scotland Yard, the LAPD and the new media all reluctantly show up, only to find something really strange is going on at the Inn. Is the Inspector haunted by an evil spirit?

The Cagey Cajun Caper

On a break from his Connecticut Inn, Inspector Spector accepts an invitation to be the keynote speaker at the National Police Chiefs Convention in New Orleans, LA. The hosts, Bernard and Lulu, are at odds. Lulu doesn’t want the Inspector anywhere near her beloved Bayou Restaurant because of his reputation for attracting murder. Bernard thinks the publicity will be good for business. Throw in some Voodoo, a sack full of cursed gold coins and a shady detective, and the recipe for mayhem begins.

Cruising Cuisine

Inspector Spector climbs aboard a Gourmet Cruise, featuring three of the world’s greatest chefs. The chefs fear for their lives when Inspector Spector is around. Will his pal, the obnoxious Chief Phillips and the famous psychic Madam LaCarra be able to protect him from a Sea Slaying?

The Psychic Dinner Guest

A one-act play introducing Inspector Spector of the New York police department. In this episode, the Inspector meets Madam LaCarra, the world famous psychic. During dinner, she suddenly stands up and announces that there will be a murder. Shortly after her announcement, a female patron gasps and drops dead at her table. Some unusual antiques, mysterious letters and a questionable insurance man add to the mystery.

One Dark and Stormy Night

Inspector Spector, his girlfriend, Christina Griggs, and Chief Phillips are caught in a terrible storm driving back to New York. Their limousine driver gets lost and the road they were driving on has flooded. The make it to a run down hotel with a weird clerk who reminds Chief Phillips of Minerva the Voodoo Lady. They are soon joined by four actors who got stranded when their GPS failed. The power goes out, the phones are dead, cell towers are down and they all find themselves locked in.

The Unfinished Lunch

Inspector Spector is starting to get a reputation for murders happening whenever he visits a restaurant. Chef Heindrick panics when the Inspector comes to the Heidelburg Inn for lunch. The dining room is full of patrons who know each other but don’t like each other. Chief Phillips, a loud-mouthed, politically-incorrect detective from the LAPD, arrives on the scene. Add some CIA records, Nazi files and a creepy research laboratory, and you have a recipe for danger.

Where’s Sol?

Inspector Spector has been dying to meet Sol, the legendary owner of the world’s best delicatessen, along with the Crowne Restaurant and Lounge in New York City. Sol invites the Inspector to visit for the grand opening of the luxurious new banquet room that he has added to the Crowne. When the Inspector arrives, no one seems to know where Sol is. Has Sol been kidnapped? Will the Inspector find him?

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